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Club Terrain and Scenery

We have a good collection of scenery allowing us to fight miniature battles across many landscapes from North Africa, or the canals of enlightenment Venice, to the plains of Cydonia on Mars. We believe a great looking table only enhances the fun and are working hard to make sure all the terrain we have for all the games people want to play it top notch. Some examples are listed below:

Mars Attacks

The red sands of Mars and the clean lines of colony buildings are brought to life in this fine table constructed by Mark. Mars Board

Longstop Hill

The desert ridge we took to Vanquish, Colours & Warfare this year. A large 3D board made ~8 inches deep. Longstop Hill Warfare Board

Deep in the Pacific

A jungle board suitable for interior fighting or beach landings.
Beach Landing Jungle


A 3D board used for carnevale, currently being populated by the lovely MDF buildings form TTCombat. Jungle Jungle


We have a collection of bocage, fields and appropriate buildings for fighting on the western front in more or less built up areas.

Grim Darkness of the Far Future

We have a agood collection of 40k appropriate buildings and scatter pieces to provide an interesting landscape on a number of war wracked imperial worlds.

The Frozen City

Frostgrave is well represented by a good collection of fantasy buildings and the official snow mat from Deepcut Studio.

The Old World

The fields, hills, mystical towers and dark alters of the Warhammer World care available for people to fight over in endless configurations.

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Richard William Robert Plackett