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15/9/18 - Stirling's Raiders at Colours Newbury

On Saturday 15th of September we will be taking our new Bolt Action participation game 'Stirling's Raiders' to the Colours wargames show in Newbury. A classic SAS desert airfield raid featuring teams of jeeps and a 3D landscape.

18/12/17 - Tank War Big Game

Bring out your StuGs for this festive evening of carnage. A big table with lots of tanks. Bring a squadron, platoon or zug and blast away at all and sundry.

18/11/17 & 19/11/17 - Last Tiger at Warfare

We will be taking the Last Tiger board to the WARFARE show. We have a number of tickets and need volunteers to help run the table. Contact the committee if you are interested in attending either day of this big local show.

An exciting update, we won best participation game!

Warfare Board Tanks Tanks Tanks Perople Playing People Playing
Trophy Presentation Trophy Closeup

13/11/17 - 40k Speed Tournament - Rise of the Reaper

Bring your power level 40 armies to have a series of 3 small skirmishes. There is no extra charge for the event, if you would like to confirm a place or read the detailed event rules please sign up on the Facebook event page. Other normal Monday things will also be happening so it won't take over the whole room.

Genestealers Surge Guard Advance Guard and Tyranids Guard and Tyranids 2 Kroot Nurgle Charge
Nurgle Rhino People Playing People Playing People Playing People Playing Tau and Kroot
tau_defence Winners

30/10/17 - Bolt Action Speed Tournament

An event to be held at one of our regular Monday night gaming evenings. Everyone will play three or four fast games with a samll 500 point army. There is no extra charge for the event, its covered by the normal £3 Monday table fee. Other normal Monday things will also be happening so it won't take over the whole room. We are expecting some interest so sign up on Facebook here.

16/09/17 - Demo Board at Colours

We will be attending the Colours Wargames show at Newbury Racecourse with our demonstration game 'The last Tiger'. There are some spare tickets available to come along and help and see the show.

Last edited 8/9/2018

Richard William Robert Plackett