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Games we Play

Games Played Regularly

These are games where you can probably either get a pickup game on the night, or arrange one very easily on the facebook page.

Warhammer 40,000

Now the major standard game by Games Workshop and where the majority of us started playing. A 28mm sci-fi skirmish game that grew to encompass tanks planes and even bigger monstrosities. Currently we have just started playing the new edition (8th ed) which has provided renewed interest in this old favourite. We have semi-regular tournaments and Apocalypse games.

Bolt Action

Now in it's second edition this is a very popular WW2 skirmish game in 28mm by Warlord Games. There is almost always a game of this being played on Monday nights so come along and have a go.


A small warband game of wizards and treasure hunters in a frozen fantasy city in 28mm but Osprey Games and North Star Miniatures. We usually pay this every other week and have an ongoing campaign. Please feel free to join in.

Magic the Gathering

The classic collectable card game by Wizards of the coast. This is played most Monday nights.


The new edition of SAGA is proving popular, with Age of Magic in particular, letting people dusty off some classic fantasy miniatures.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

For various reasons we seem to have stayed playing the Fantasy gameof massed battles (8th edition) rather than moving to Age of Sigmar or another alternative. There are still regular games played at club nights and we run occasional tournaments throughout the year.

Dropzone Commander

A popular 8mm sci fi game of troops, tanks, and aircraft by Hawk wargames.

Heresy - 30k

A game by Forgeworld, the premium miniature division of Games Workshop. Heresy era Space Marine legions battle it our in 28mm glory.

Dropfleet Commander

Spacecraft in the Dropzone universe. A new game rapidly gaining popularity after a massivly sucessful kickstarter last year.


We have recently started experimenting with this small warband game set in fantasy renaissance Venice. A new edition will be release early 2018 and we are trying out the Beta rules.

Occasional Games

Infinity - 28mm sci fi
Epic - old school GW in 6mm
Blood Bowl - Fantasy Football by GW in 28mm
X-wing - Dog-fighting Star-Fighters in the Star Wars Universe by Fantasy Flight Games

Last edited 24/09/2019

Richard Plackett