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2017/18 Committee

The committee for the year 2017/18 is as follows:

Chair - Mick Holman
Treasurer - Mark Whickman
Secretary - Richard Plackett
Events - Miles Offord
Publicity - Eric Murray

Club Constitution and Rules

The draft constitution was accepted unanimously and the official signed version can be found here. To accompany the constitution there is a code of conduct and schedule of costs that are referenced in the constitution and provide additional information. The Constitution and Code of Conduct, in particular, set out how the club should be run and the rights and responsibilities of members and attendees at club events under the new system. The Schedule of Costs sets out the membership and table fees and the circumstances that over concessionary rates.

Committee Meeting Minutes

October 2017
August 2017

Last edited 31/10/2017

Richard William Robert Plackett